Galliard Capital Management, Inc. — Privacy Policy
June 2018

Galliard provides investment advisory services to institutional clients. Galliard does not provide services to individual investors.

Galliard does not utilize cookies for any purpose other than to identify you as a registered user of nor does Galliard request, require, or collect personally identifiable information (“PII”) on

In the event that you request Galliard to contact you, your first and last name, business email address, and business phone number is requested on our “Contact Us” page. This information is used solely for the purpose of honoring your request to be contacted. Your business contact information is not shared within Galliard except as needed to direct the request to the appropriate Galliard representative. Galliard does not add your business contact information to any distribution lists without your express consent to do so.

Galliard does not share your business contact information with any affiliates or external third parties.