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Galliard Capital Management, Inc. — Privacy Disclosure
January 1, 2020

Galliard takes privacy matters and information security seriously and we value your rights to protect your personal information. Please read this disclosure of Galliard’s digital privacy practices as it applies to your interaction with Galliard on this website.

Galliard provides investment advisory services to institutional clients and the information on is intended for institutional investor use only. Galliard does not provide commercial, individual and/or consumer products or services.

Information Collected does not request, require or collect any sensitive personal data. collects business contact information and other information as described below. includes a Reporting Resources section that is not publicly available and is made available only to institutional investors. Access to this section of reports requires “Registration”. To become a registered user, requires you to provide your name, business phone number, business email address, employer name and job title which are used to validate that you are a representative of an institutional investor. includes a “Contact Us” page. In the event that you use this page to make a request of Galliard to contact you, we ask for your name, business email address and business phone number. This information is used for the purpose of contacting you based on your request to be contacted and to verify that you are a representative of an institutional investor. Your information is shared within Galliard on a ‘needs to know’ basis in order to direct the request to the appropriate Galliard representative.

Use of Cookies

A cookie is a small file that is placed by your browser and stored on your computer when you visit an internet site. Cookies can be used for many purposes. However, the use of cookies on is limited. Galliard does not use cookies for purposes such as analyzing your personal browsing trends and/or tracking your location. Galliard also does not use cookies to offer or advertise products or services. uses cookies to track the performance of our website and gather information about the overall use of our website such as the most or least visited pages or the volume of use of applicable social media links. This information is used by to improve user experiences when visiting our site.

Third parties may have access to and collect information about your web browsing on the pages of where third party cookies are placed, such as through tools that allow site visitors to easily share information on another platform, such as a social media platform. You may wish to review information at third party sites, such as social media platforms where you have an account, to determine how these third parties treat data that they obtain through the use of cookies.

You may have a choice to disable cookies on your browser which prevents them from being stored on your computer. You can also delete cookies that are stored on your computer by erasing browsing history from your browser. These options are available in your browser’s settings. Please note that if you are a registered user with access to the non-public section of and you choose to disable cookies, or if you delete cookies from your browsing history, you will be required to enter your business email address the next time you visit our site in order to access the non-public reporting section of the site.

Information Sharing

Galliard considers any information collected on this website as confidential. The business contact information that you provide is not added to any Galliard distribution lists without your prior consent, nor is it shared with or sold to any affiliates or third parties unless required by an order of a court, law enforcement, regulatory, governmental or other applicable authority.

Galliard Capital Management is a wholly owned indirect subsidiary of Wells Fargo & Company (“Wells Fargo”). While Galliard does not share information with affiliates, Galliard’s network and servers reside at a Wells Fargo site, where they are maintained and monitored. Wells Fargo manages this network and is responsible for providing network security, overseeing network drives, and managing individual user desktop configuration and access in accordance with its information security and privacy-related policies and procedures.

Updates to this Disclosure

From time to time, Galliard may make updates to this disclosure. The date of the most current version is provided at the top of this page and updates are effective on the date posted. By using after any updates to this disclosure means that you accept the terms herein.

Wells Fargo Disclosures

The Wells Fargo California Consumer Privacy Act Notice (“CCPA Notice”) is available here. The CCPA Notice explains how Wells Fargo collects, uses, and discloses personal information about California residents. It also provides information on how California residents can exercise rights under the CCPA.

Wells Fargo strives to satisfy our customers’ financial needs and provide services to help you succeed financially. To do this, Wells Fargo, our affiliated companies, and our service providers located throughout the world may need to access your information. When your information is accessed, we maintain protective measures as described in our privacy policies and notices.